Case Study: the Land and Water Conservation Fund

Good stories can help you reach your target audience. Through a combination of relationship building, storytelling, and writing, I helped my client identify great stories and messengers, write those stories in a compelling way, and get the stories published.


The Land and Water Conservation Fund is a federal program that directs a small portion of oil and gas royalties to outdoor spaces -- from city parks to wilderness areas. Everyone -- seriously, everyone -- knew it was a great program, but it was set to sunset in 2015. Congress needed to reauthorize it so that Americans far and wide could continue to enjoy well-maintained parks and public lands.

Advocates pursued several strategies, including having local leaders from conservation, business, veterans, local government, and outdoor recreation speak and write publicly about the importance of the Land and Water Conservation Fund. 


One advocacy group hired me to secure media that would encourage U.S. senators from Oregon and Washington to become champions for LWCF reauthorization in Congress. I helped identify and develop relationships with spokespeople from business, conservation, social justice, and veterans affairs. I interviewed each person to understand their personal stories and connection to the issue. Then, I ghostwrote opinion pieces for them, which they edited and submitted to news media. Here are a few of the people I wrote for:


All four U.S. senators representing Oregon and Washington became champions on LWCF reauthorization and helped enable a three-year extension of the program in Congress, a significant feat during a time of significant inertia in Congress.


My storytelling and writing services include:

  • Identifying your best stories to meet your goals

  • Interviewing subjects

  • Writing blog posts

  • Developing press releases

  • Crafting end-of-year appeal letters, landing pages, and emails

  • Writing newsletter articles

  • Drafting website copy for new or existing websites

  • Writing strategic messages for your target audience

  • Developing grant proposals

  • Drafting social media content

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